Pune is a historical and pleasant city that has rich culture, cool weather, and an ancient heritage. Along with Bengaluru, the place is home to some of India’s top educational institutions and IT companies. It is a city that combines modern, historical, religious, and natural elements. It is located in the western ghats and offers beautiful views from the hills. There are many camping spots around the city

Glamping Village

Glamping village is located just outside the city. It’s a simple, basic campground. They offer tents, meals, and an atmosphere for their guests. There is also a spectacular view of the Sahyadris. The village glows at night with bright lights, giving it an urban vibe. There is also an outdoor pool. Our guests rave about the delicious meals we provide.

Saffron Camping Resort

Saffron Camping resort is classified as a luxurious and relaxed camping area. There are tents, tent houses and dome views available on the property. Also, there is a stunning sunset view from the lake. This place has a laid-back atmosphere with good music and friendly people. For a larger group of friends or family, they also have dorms. All meals are prepared at home and are healthy. It is right next to Bhor Dam, which glows at night thanks to ambient soft lights. A peaceful weekend can be had by taking a dip or reading a book on the shore.

Camper’s Creek Pune

Camper’s Creek is a campsite for young people, located right on the Gunjawni River. It is a vibrant and trendy place that will suit a larger group of friends. There are plenty of space to party and have fun outdoors thanks to the tents and open surroundings. It is easy to walk along the riverside or go swimming. Many bikers from Pune travel to nearby campsites in search of adventure and pure bliss.

Lakeview Camping

This is the best-known camping spot near Pune. Lakeview camping is located right next to the Devadi dam. This campsite is loved by both couples and young people. The campsite is lit up at night by bright lights and background music. Winters are post monsoons and the fog covers the campsite as well as the lake. You can enjoy top-quality food and boating on the lake nearby with your family.This is a site worth visiting again and again.Enjoy bonfire nights with friends and jam out to your favorite songs as the fog slowly covers the campsite.

Camp Stories Camping Site

Camp Stories is located right at the edge of the famous Khadakwasla Lake of Pune. It offers music nights, movie nights, and gaming nights. This simple camping site serves authentic Maharashtrian pure vegetable thali meals. There are also tents available and a place to watch movies and listen to live music. Enjoy the unique experience of watching movies outdoors with friends and family.

Most campsites in Pune are located near rivers, lakes and dams. It adds value to their guests’ stay. It is a unique experience to be near a waterway surrounded by hills and open fields. Most campsites provide meals or barbecue options for guests. Outdoor activities such as swimming and playing games are plentiful. This is something that everyone needs. Reminisce about your childhood 

summer vacations when you spent the entire time outside with your friends. These campsites are known for their softly lit tents and bonfires. These campsites don’t offer any outdoor adventure activities, but they do provide a relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy.


There are resorts that offer better accommodations for families and pets. You will never be disappointed by the quality of the lit nights in Pune. No matter how spontaneous your plans may seem, you will find at least three campsites within driving distance of the city. Most treks around Pune last less than a day. Camping sites offer a great way to have fun and adventure for a longer period. Post monsoons, winter and when the weather is warm and dry are the best times to camp in Pune.

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