Maharashtra, an evergreen state, is proud of its rich culture, heritage and ancient history. The Sahyadri Ranges in Western Ghats, Maharashtra have been considered a key part of building hill forts that were mostly used to watch over the valley. The majority of these hill fortresses are now in ruins, but offer stunning views and trekking trails for trekkers.

Near Karjat is the beautiful trek of Sondai. Beautiful views of neighboring Matheran Ranges and Gavari hills can be enjoyed on the trek. Another monsoon trek is offered in the western Maharashtra ghats. Nearly all the treks in Maharashtra can be done within a day and are available during monsoons or post monsoons. You can trek along streams, rivers, and waterfalls in a more green environment. You will need to get up as early as you can for Sondai Fort Trek.

Day 1

  • If you have to travel a long distance to reach Karjat, start a day of refreshing at 5 AM.
  • Local trains depart Mumbai to Karjat at 4.30 am. Start in Mumbai and arrive at Karjat around 7 AM.
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast at a nearby restaurant before setting off for the base village. You can take a jeep or shared car to Sonewadi from Karjat.
  • Once you have reached the village, begin your climb towards the summit.
  • The path will be dotted with greenery and covered in clouds.
  • Although the trail can be slippery from the rains, it adds excitement to the hike.
  • You will reach the summit. During monsoons, you will be amazed at the beauty of the magical western ghats.
  • The temple of Sondai Devi is visible at the top among the white clouds.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and then begin the descent portion of your trek.
  • You may encounter forest patches or smooth, rocky terrain along the route that can make it difficult to cross after the sun sets. The turnaround point is at noon.
  • After nearly 2 hours of trekking, return to your base village and enjoy a substantial lunch.
  • You will need to use shared vehicles to get back to Karjat.
  • After a hearty lunch at Karjat, say goodbye to an amazing day of adventure.

Cost of this short trek

The cost of this short trek is less than Rs. 800 per person, including meals and a guide during the trek. From 5 AM to 8 PM, the trek to Sondai takes approximately 7 hours. Beginners can easily complete the trek. To make it easier for trekkers to climb, some of the steps made from rock have been replaced by iron stairs.

visit nearby attractions 

You can also visit nearby attractions such as the Morbe Dam and Matheran Matheran mountains. Some spectacular waterfalls are created by the Karjat monsoons. The winters in Karjat can be just as beautiful and foggy. Since ancient times, Karjat has been known for its picturesque hills and beautiful green landscapes. People living in Mumbai have found it to be a great escape from the city. You can find many weekend homes, farmhouses and camping sites near Karjat. These resorts offer a refreshing experience.

Change Wadi Twin Waterfalls 

Change Wadi Twin Waterfalls is a hidden gem within the Fort’s vicinity. These waterfalls look almost like a painting and are the perfect place to take a dip in nature’s natural swimming pool. At its base, the water cascading from the above creates an artificial swimming pool that overlooks the green valley. Garbett Plateau is another tourist attraction near Sondai Fort. This hike leads to a flat area with panoramic views of Dhom Lake in the middle of the green valley.

Bhajiwali lake camping

Bhajiwali lake camping is a campsite set up by the Dhom lake. With a backdrop of Sahyadris, the tents can be set up on the banks of the lake. Enjoy bonfire night with friends, look at the night sky, or jam out to your favorite songs while you cook on the open fire. A day trip to Sondai Fort can lead to a night at the camp near a tranquil lake, which is a great way to spend more time in nature. Monsoons are the best time to camp because of their pleasant temperatures and cool fog.

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