Kashmir is not only a part of India, but it is an area of ​​pride. Kashmir looks like this crown on the map of India. Due to its beauty, it is considered “Heaven on this Earth”. There are not one or two tourist places in Kashmir that you will be fascinated by visiting. Some of those things are being mentioned here, which show the best things we can do by going to Kashmir. Apart from cherishing the beauty of the Himalayan ranges, tourists can enjoy other activities like horse riding and snow skiing.

Shikara Ride & House-boat-

Shikara is a type of wooden boat found on Srinagar’s Dal Lake and other water bodies. Shikara Ride is one of the most incredible holidays in Kashmir. It should be included in your itinerary if you want to experience the surreal beauty of this region to the fullest. Along with the boats, it is also considered a cultural symbol. Usually, it can carry 6 people maximum. Some shikara boats also provide House-boats in this. They have to be booked in advance. And staying here gives a different kind of experience, which becomes a memory for a lifetime,

Gondola Ride-

Gondola Ride is a ropeway project jointly started by the Indian government and Pomagalski, a French organization. It is considered Asia’s one of the longest and highest cable car plans. The Gondola ride affords a magnificent view of Nanda Devi, LOC, and the Pir Panjal range. The ride has been divided into two phases, and the cost of both phases is around 1200 Indian Rupee. Children under the age of 11 will not be allowed here.

Kashmiri Cuisine-

Rice has been the leading food of Kashmiris since ancient times. They consume meat voraciously. Kashmiri Pulao, Rajma, and Kashmiri Dum Olav are also famous. There are some mouth-watering Kashmiri dishes like Mutton Rogan Josh, Nadru, Chicken Pulao, Kashmiri Muji Gaad, Kahwa, etc. Along with meat and rice, some vegetables and salad are prepared on special occasions like Eid. Lyader Tschaman is a vegetarian dish made with Kashmiri cottage cheese cooked in rich, creamy gravy. The cottage cheese in Kashmir is yellow, and so is the sauce.


Natural elements like as excellent wind conditions and the terrain of Kashmir make paragliding exceptionally ideal. Paragliding in Srinagar is a breathtaking tour of the valley as you get a panoramic view of the valley from above. Some adventure clubs have been set up in Kashmir to cater to the adventure sports enthusiasts, and these camps organize training for the newbies and provide the necessary equipment. The right time for paragliding here in May-June or September-October.

River rafting-

Kashmir is famous for its number of picturesque lakes and rivers. These water bodies of Kashmir not only serve as a delight to the eyes but are also a hub of several activity-oriented leisure sportsThe less courageous can enjoy peaceful Shikara boat rides on Srinagar’s Dal and Nagin lakes.. Other options include riding motorboats or going water skiing. The best rivers in Kashmir for river rafting are-

  • On The River Indus
  • River Rafting in Ladakh
  • On Zanskar River


Trekking is emphasized as slightly more demanding than hiking as festive, easy, and pleasant and defined as a “memorable journey.” You must have enjoyed trekking many times, but we are going to suggest you here some of the best trekking places in Kashmir-

  • Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek
  • Tarsar Marsar Trek
  • Pahalgam – Tarsar Marsar Trek
  • Naranag Gangabal Trek
  • Naranag Mahlish Trek
  • Kolahoi Glacier Trek


Skiing is the most exciting winter sports adventure activity you can try during your holidays in Kashmir.It provides adventure enthusiasts with the ultimate adrenaline rush and exhilaration.. The best destination for skiing in Kashmir is Gulmarg, which is known for its great altitude. The best time to ski here is from January to February. Skiing in Patnitop is a beautiful experience for tourists. Almost 5 to 6 km from Patnitop on the Sanasar Road, Madha Top attracts amateurs and advanced skiers.


Camping is an outdoor recreational activity. It involves using a tent, caravan, motorhome, cabin, a primitive structure, or no shelter. Tourists leave urban areas, home regions, or civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a campsite. 

Along with the suggestions mentioned above, there is much more you can see in Kashmir. Those who visit here for the first time experience and enjoy a new way. If you are fond of traveling, then it will be a universal suggestion that you must visit Kashmir once also you can checkout Kashmir tour packages.

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