Career building is one of the toughest tasks to do in today’s digital era where there are many career opportunities that one can explore; new options are been introduced into the education field like Management, digital marketing, communication skills and a lot more.

Education is changing its dimensions gradually and has a wider scope now; students right now feel that the syllabus they’ve been taught is kind of obsolete right now and irrelevant to the practicality in the application of the real world.

 One of the major questions all students are been asked after 12th Grade is that what’s next? What do you want to do in life? How would you make a living? all these questions are in the minds everywhere, due to which it’s a bit difficult for students to opt for a single career option. Students are already under great pressure after their schooling and the burden to choose a career can ruin the present and coming opportunities in the near future. It’s a matter of conscious choice; say for eg students with commerce and background generally will opt for becoming a CA, MBA or any related field to finance and the same is the case with the stream of science; students can opt for technical fields. Whether anyone admits it or not Administration & Management is a skills that all people require everywhere irrespective of their educational stream, and in management, all the other skills are indirectly involved like communication, personality development, stress management, people skills, and grooming etiquette etc. Every organisation need personnel who are efficient in all these managerial skills. After completing 10 + 2 Garde students can opt for this field by selecting BBA Course in graduation and after the completion can go with a post-graduate degree in MBA Masters of Business Administration.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

A bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA) is bestowed by higher education institutions after completion of undergraduate study in the underlying principles of business and management, which further probably involves coursework in bookkeeping, entrepreneurship, financial management, strategic planning, brand management, performance leadership, procurement, and other key university courses linked with the academic discipline of business management.

Eligibility: Candidate seeking admission to the BBA must have passed in 10+2 from any branch.

There are various specializations in BBA like 

BBA in Marketing 

BBA in Accounting & Finance 

BBA in Human Resource Management  

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration in Sales & Marketing)

 Sales are incomplete without marketing, so sales come under marketing and through marketing sales take place. Every organisation is involved always in hiring sales and marketing individuals because salespeople are hired first and fired last. Also with certificate programmes in Digital marketing one can easily go beyond the limits of sales by analysing the changing trends in the tastes and preferences of the choices of customers by tracking their searching and buying of products and services in the present market in a particular industry. As digital marketing is known to almost everybody in the present technology era and this course is now provided offline and online by many reputed universities.

BBA (Accounting & Finance)

Accounting & Finance these two terms play a vital role in everybody’s life. Personal finance is of utmost required to be learnt by each and every individual on the globe. Finances are required by every entity, enterprise or organisation for the smooth functioning of day-to-day activities and also maintaining day-to-day records, tracking and analysing the records and forecasting the results. Financials vary from industry to industry but is very mandatory from a profitability and scalability point of view.

Top BBA Colleges in Indore, India (M.P.)


IMI’s Visual Identity

In the past, reputable educational institutions have always prioritised holistic branding, which has helped them improve their reputation and position as institution brands. For over 13 years, we have worked hard to maintain and improve our reputation and status in order to attract outstanding students, accomplished instructors and professionals, as well as reputable organisations for placements and lifelong executive education.

IMI is a well-known brand in Indore among the best management courses and is one of the best BBA colleges in Indore. This university provides students with significant knowledge and practical exposure through a practical approach to academics.

Courses Offered: BBA, MBA, PGDM, B.COM, LL.B.(Hons.), BA. LL.B. (Hons.).

Campus Address :

Khandwa Road (Datoda), Opp. Chokhi Dhani, Indore

City Office :

418, Milinda Manor, 2 RNT Marg, Opp. Central Mall, Indore

Phone No.: 8817777718, 9717265930.

 BBA in Human Resource Management 

Finding the right people in the workplace is a big hindrance that every enterprise suffers from; Human Resource Department comes into the picture here which is specialised in choosing the right personnel for the organisation.

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

The Postgraduate program is supposed to broaden key managerial competencies in hopes of helping executives reach their potential. The syllabus will help you optimize your diagnostic and mathematical aptitude so you can make better decisions in difficult business cultures.

PGDM Course also involves other Certification Courses like Personality Development, Brand Management, People Skills, Retail Management, Rural & Event Marketing.

MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

MBA is one of India’s and the world’s most popular postgraduate programmes. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the full version of MBA. An MBA degree is required for most managerial level occupations across all domains and sectors, which is why a substantial proportion of BTech, BBA, BCom, BA, BSc, and BCA graduates now seek an MBA as a postgraduate degree.

Eligibility: The basic eligibility criteria for MBA (full-time) is graduation in any discipline or equivalent from a recognised university. Most of the institutes follow the minimum score criteria for Graduation which is 50 per cent on average or equivalent

List of Top MBA Specializations

MBA in Finance

MBA in Information Technology

MBA in Operations Management

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