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Respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation on India’s 68th Independence Day (2014), on the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and its ZED certification for the country’s industries development, and produce stocks in the country with “zero defects” and to confirm that the stocks or products have “zero effect” on the environment.

Words of the Prime Minister

Mr. Modi said “We should produce goods in such a way that they have zero defect and that our transported goods are never given back to us. We should also make goods with zero effect so that they don’t  have a bad effect on the environment”.

With a goal to make India a worldy production center, the Prime Minister gave an open invitation to producers and shareholders beyond the globe to set up production units in India. Assuring the determination of India’s MSME and its ZED certification is important as it will help in the overall development of the manufacturing sector and the country’s economy. International companies competing in global markets concentrate on their competitive strengths of costs acceptable to the market, technology, innovation, service delivery, lean manufacturing, and defect free products for Zero Defect and Zero Effect or the ZED certification. It is hence advisable that we must rapidly set the speed for the template of industrialization and export fuelled growth to mark our sign in world markets and improve our GDP growth. 

Our Principles

The declaration of Make in India and Zero Defect Zero Effect or the ZED certification puts in view the governments’ purpose to change the course of the economy by pointing to manufacturing as an engine to sustained progress. In way to build the environment to execute the idea, some important points came out as the vehicle for this new change:

  1. The simplicity of carrying out Business in India.
  2. The trust in quality of source material, components and services.
  3. Making accessible capable human resources to drive the change.


While the DPIIT took the responsibility of making an ambience of doing business easily, M/o MSME along with QCI, started searching for the idea of creating a comprehensive scheme to engage the MSME section, long considered as a propellant for sustained progress, by upgrading their quality and competitiveness. Thus the ZED certification came into limelight ! The environment around ZED model is measured to make aware, assess & certify, counsel, handhold MSMEs and confirm that they rise up the ZED ladder, thus expanding their competitiveness in the world marketplace and making them truly “atmanirbhar” (independent). It also, as a result, gives career opportunities to the young India.

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