Businesses have no option but to adopt the WFH lifestyle because of the epidemic. But, in terms of dealing with operational challenges, many HR professionals are faced with the challenge of coming up with innovative virtual employee engagement ideas for remote employees. It is more crucial than ever to concentrate on improving morale during work from home. Employee engagement is challenging enough, but how does one engage a remote employee?

But do not be worried. You may quickly increase engagement levels with the correct strategies. We will provide you with some innovative virtual employee engagement activities ideas for remote employees in this blog. So, read carefully following virtual employee engagement activities. 

Virtual Employee Engagement Activities Ideas For Employees

1. Online Coffee Breaks

When it comes to coffee breaks, who says distance matters? Request that your team members prepare some killer cups of coffee (or make any other drink they want). Then get everyone on a video conferencing platform and start conversing. Inquire about their day, how they have been feeling, whether they have encountered any work-related difficulties, etc. Even if you work from home, everyone needs a break from work. And small conversation over coffee is the best way.

2. Introduce Them to Your Internal Staff

If you have never dealt with the icebreaking or personal aspects of hiring for your remote staff, now is the ideal opportunity to do so. Get everyone on a video call, because you have probably never had your in-house employees interact with your remote workers. Then, invite them to make a formal introduction to their coworkers. To keep things fresh, have everyone select from a list of predetermined questions to start the conversation.

3. Home Tours

Although your workers may be hesitant to participate, house visits are a superb opportunity to emotionally connect with them and team building. 

Ask each employee to move around with their smartphone/laptop during a video conference and provide a brief tour of their lovely house. This may be especially entertaining if a member of your team has recently moved into a new house.

Those that are uncomfortable with it should not be pressured to do so. Otherwise, you may finish up doing more harm than good.

4. Online training

Consider getting an online learning management system and uploading various training courses for your staff if you have not already. Watching and completing any business training is a nice, practical approach to keep oneself engaged. Consider purchasing and offering access to additional relevant training courses in addition to your local training materials.

5. Inviting them to Participate in Multiplayer Games

Virtual engagement ideas for employees do not have to be dull or restricted to the workplace. Inviting your teams to a multiplayer game. It will allow them to unwind and relax. Ask whether any of the employees would want to play a certain game. And if it receives enough votes from the rest of the group, it will be added to the list.

6. Give Funds To Brighten Up The Home Office

You won’t be able to give workstations to your remote workers. There is, however, a quick solution. You can give some cash to support them in paying for their home offices. Regular remote employees may not have this issue, but your in-house staff who are used to working in an office setting may struggle to adjust to the WFH schedule. Your employees will be grateful to you for supporting them in setting up their home offices.

7. Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Feelings of insecurity can have a negative impact on an employee’s performance and lead to disengagement. To avoid this, the greatest thing you can do is provide positive comments and reward your staff for all of their hard work. When you work in-house, it is now easy to offer them a pat on the back. And when everyone is working from home, things do not always run well.

8. Allow employees to choose their own schedules.

Employee empowerment and engagement are strongly intertwined. When it comes to managing a remote workforce, there is just so much you can do in that department. You may provide your employees the flexibility to choose their own timetables as long as they complete their tasks on time. You will effectively develop a sense of trust and mutual respect by allowing your staff to set their own working hours.

It is also crucial to remember that interaction between and within teams is essential. Set specific hours for all team members to communicate or discuss projects. Make sure your leadership team is on board with whatever timetable you provide.

Final Words

So, we have discussed the virtual employee engagement activities ideas for employees. We have learned 8 work from home engagement activities. So, use these employee engagement fun activities ideas to engage your employees. It will help you to boost up the firm’s productivity and employees’ energy.

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