These are some amusing virtual Christmas party games- 

In the holiday season, many of us usually find ourselves adapting to new ways of celebration, including virtual gatherings. While physical distances may keep us distant, the energy of Christmas can still thrive in the digital world. Organizing virtual Christmas party games opens up a world of innovative possibilities, including festive games that can bring joy and laughter to the online celebrations.

Virtual Secret Santa:

This virtual Christmas party game uses online platforms or apps to arrange an online Secret Santa gift exchange. Participants draw names electronically and exchange presents through mail or digital gift cards. Reveal the Secret Santa during the virtual party and share the excitement as everyone unwraps their gifts together.

Christmas Trivia Night:

One of the interesting virtual Christmas party games, here you create a Christmas-themed trivia game with questions about holiday customs, movies, and music. Participants can use chat features to submit their answers, and the anchor can keep score. 

Online Pictionary–Christmas version:

In this virtual Christmas party game you have to use online Pictionary platforms or drawing apps to play a festive edition of the exemplary game. Make a list of Christmas-related words or phrases for participants to draw. The team or individual with the most accurately guessed drawings wins the round.

Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater game:

Encourage participants to show their ugliest Christmas sweaters on the webcam. Arrange a virtual fashion show where everyone can vote for their favorite awful sweater. Award virtual prizes or simply enjoy the humorous fashion show.

Guess the Christmas song:

Play small pieces of Christmas songs and have participants guess the title. To add a twist, play instrumental editions or reverse the songs for an extra challenge. The person with the most correct guesses can be enthrone the “Christmas Carol Maestro.”

Virtual Gingerbread House Decoration:

Participants can pre-make or purchase gingerbread house tools. Host a live decorating session where everyone can display their creativity. Participants can vote for the best gingerbread house pattern, and the winner receives virtual acclamation.

Virtual Escape Room:

Prospect virtual escape rooms with a Christmas concept. Work together to solve puzzles and unlock the holiday mystery. Many platforms offer specially made options for a personalized experience.


While celebrating Christmas virtually may feel different, incorporating these fun and festive virtual Christmas party games can help recreate the holiday spirit. Whether it’s sharing laughter over a virtual ugly sweater contest or testing your Christmas knowledge in a trivia game, these games are sure to bring warmth and joy to your online party and celebration. 

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