Meditation is a process by which people can heal stress and get rid of it forever. In this process the person just has to sit and count his breaths from 1 to 10 and then reverse. During this meditation process one should try his best to relax his mind and free him from all thoughts whether they are good or bad, the mind should feel free from the load. This procedure can be done anywhere whether one is standing, sitting on the floor or chair, in their car or even when they are free from their work. This process helps one to keep one’s mind free from stress, and also enhances concentration power, as well as helps a lot to focus on the task and even helps in reducing anger. helps. The main aim of yoga is to provide a healthy lifestyle whether it is physical health or inner peace.

While doing meditation, it is worth keeping in mind that sometimes if a person is suffering from back, knee, hip or lower back pain, it is difficult for them to do yoga and meditate in a sitting position as it can damage their back. And sometimes there may be pain in the legs or thighs. For this, a meditation pillow or cushion is considered to be the best solution for those who are suffering from these problems. Since the pillow or cushion helps keep their lower back and hips straight, the knees lift off the ground. It also helps to avoid pain in the legs or thighs as the meditation pillow comes between them and the ground, making it easier to sit comfortably and meditate comfortably for longer durations.

Different Ways To Use A Meditation Pillow

Meditation pillows help in a number of ways while meditating and keep lower area pain down. There are many different and good ways to use a meditation pillow. Here are the top 5 ways:-

Sitting Cross Legged On The Ground

People who have lower back or thigh problems find it difficult to do yoga postures while sitting cross-legged. A meditation pillow is the best option for them as it supports the knees or hips and places minimal strain on the joints and helps to stretch the knees and open the hips.

Kneeling Pose With Support

Kneeling is a pose that is considered very popular among people who meditate. The evil of this mudra is that many people may have back or lower back pain while doing it. An easy way to avoid this is to use a meditation pillow. Its use is especially helpful for people who are sensitive or already having pain in their knees or ankles. Using a meditation pillow helps the person support their knees during the procedure. In addition, meditation pillows reduce pressure on the joints and also promote circulation in the feet.

Back Pain

Anyone who is suffering from back pain this is the best option that one can have a Meditation Pillow. In this mudra one has to sit on pillows just behind their hips and bend their arms upwards to open their chest which is considered a yoga posture to cure back pain. This yoga pose helps to relieve back pain and stretch the lower abdomen. The design of the pillow is such that people can open their chest and rib cage and it is helpful to take long and deep breaths during meditation.


Balasana is one of the yoga postures that one does when there are or are not yoga practitioners. This is known as Child’s Pose. Balasana is a comfortable pose, in which one has to keep his head on a pillow. This pose helps to stretch the thighs, hips and back as well. Balasana reduces stress levels instantly, and during the process one can focus on one’s deep breathing and de-stress one’s mind.

Quarter Or Half Lotus Yoga Pose

The half lotus yoga pose is a traditional yoga pose that requires a lot of strength on the knees or hips while performing. One can easily use a pillow by placing it on the half of the pillow to perform the full lotus pose. Meditation pillows help support the knees, hips or ankles. For the half lotus pose, keep the ankles slightly elevated and then allow it to rest on the upper thigh of the opposite leg. The meditation pillow helps in holding a cross legged position and gently placing the right ankle on the other calf and meditation can be done comfortably.

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