If you agree with the sentiment that a day without dessert is a day lost, then high-five, we share your sentiment. Desserts are more than simply a tasty treat; they nourish the spirit and satisfy the soul for many of us. Cakes online in Pune are served with a high level of ceremony, whether it’s a waffle or a jar cake. So, to help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of sweets that, once you try them, will make you wish you lived in Pune permanently. Let’s get down and dirty:


Ok! Ok! Even though it has such a ridiculous sounding name, we have no doubt that this sweet treat will satisfy your sweet needs. Dondurma is a traditional Turkish ice cream treat that, in comparison to traditional ice creams, is characterized by a higher level of creaminess and richness. Mastic, salep, whipped cream, and sugar are some of the components that gointo making this sweet treat. The presentation of the dondurma is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the dish (refer to any video of Turkish ice-cream, you will get the drill). You onlyneed to try this one time to realise how much you will like the experience as a whole.

Cotton Candy Burrito-

Cotton candy burritos are yet another dish that has given people in Pune a taste for sweet. That’s not a typo; you read that correctly! We all have fond childhood memories of cotton candy, which we referred to as gudiya ke baal when we were younger. This candy burrito is a treat that is worthy of being featured on Instagram because it is stuffed with some tasty ice cream. This one-of-a-kind treat, which combines ice cream with cotton candy in a novel way, is not only delicious but also resembles something out of a fantasy world.

Jar Cakes-

In Pune, there are a large number of bakeries that provide cake delivery in Kharadi, but only a small number of them will send freshly created jar cakes to your doorstep. Cakes that are baked in jars are essentially condensed versions of traditional cakes that are served from jars. If you have one of these cakes in your luggage, you can have one whenever you want because the cake is contained in a little glass jar and is therefore easy to transport. Jar cakes come in a variety of flavours, including chocolate moose, tutti-frutti, red velvet, and others; all of these flavours are equally as wonderful as the others.

Thanda Paan Ice Cream-

If we compare this dish to the cotton candy burrito, we can say that it is one step more distinctive than the latter. How? The taste of paan in ice cream is inconceivable, for the simple reason that it does not belong there. The flavor of paan leaves and paan supari in this ice cream will cause your taste buds to tingle due to the tingling effect those flavors have on your taste senses. Unquestionably a dessert that one needs to sample.

Hungarian Chimney Cake-

You won’t believe it, but this dessert is truly a roller coaster ride of all the delicious and sugary stuff you could ever imagine. Constructed with a sugary yeast dough and baked in the shape of a cone, followed by roasting on charcoal, and finished with a basting of melted butter. And now it’s time to enjoy your sweet treat! Do not forget to take some fantastic images that are worthy of being posted on Instagram of this delicious dessert. And now that we have assisted you in compiling a list of desserts that you simply must have while in Pune, have you already started crossing items off of your list? Not yet? Then why should one hang around? Go and get them as soon as possible!

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