Exquisite refinement is the characteristic of a fine precious stone bracelet. They come in a wide range of styles like the exemplary tennis bracelet, honorary pathway design, bygone era rare, intense and lovely bangle, and gemstone styles overflowing with variety and energy. Different varieties incorporate appeal bracelets, sleeves and jewel joins.

Here, you will find the highlights of each kind of bracelet, get tips on choosing a setting for your bracelet, figure out how to gauge the right length and furthermore how to pick the best precious stones.


Picking the nature of precious stones for your bracelet is a vital undertaking and expects that you remember two factors: the all out jewel carat size and your monetary cutoff points.

With regards to carat size, the greater the precious stone (its size in millimetres) and carat weight, the more noticeable any flaws or hue issues will be. That being said, a decent guideline while choosing jewels for a tennis bracelet is to select a ‘superior’ to best’ precious stone quality and in the event that you pick more modest jewels, ‘great’ to ‘better’ quality ought to be fine.

Settle on a tight spending plan for your bracelet and utilise the item design to make the ideal precious stone bracelet that fits acceptable for you.


While requesting a line/tennis bracelet, the rule is generally the normal wrist estimation in addition to around 50% of an inch. With this piece of room on the wrist, the bracelet will sit easily without falling excessively far down your arm. While estimating a current bracelet, you for the most part don’t have to incorporate the catch or the tongue piece of the bracelet while estimating.


Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet (or line bracelet) is quite possibly the most famous and notable style. Notwithstanding the exemplary tennis style, these staggering bracelets arrive in an assortment of lovely plans, for example, precious stone drops, jewel crown, wavy, bezel set and drifting precious stones, to give some examples. There are additionally movable variants with a bolo-style chain.

Planner Diamond Bracelet

Planner jewel bracelets are more rich than a regular tennis bracelet due to their novel plans.

Anjolee’s unique planner bracelets are the ideal supplement to a couple of precious stone hoops or neckband, or as highlight adornments.

Some creator bracelets are presented in two-tone metal – a blend of white gold and yellow gold – that provide them with an exceptional appearance.

Honorary Pathway Bracelet

You will find the most excessive plans in an honorary pathway jewel bracelet assortment since they are intended to stop people in their tracks. Every powerful bracelet is painstakingly created to grab attention. In the event that you really want something wonderful to wear to an exceptional event, consolidating one of these marvels will guarantee you show up in style.

One Of A Kind Bracelet

One of a kind, or antique-style, bracelets are ageless plans that join the greatest materials with choice style. Numerous one of a kind bracelets highlight complex subtleties that draw consideration, or extraordinary edging subtleties, for example, milgrain or filigree.

Gemstone Bracelet

Adding gemstones to a jewel bracelet adds a pop of variety for astonishing impact. Many individuals pick their birthstone, or blend and match their family’s birthstones (for example a mother, father, and youngsters) for a customised bracelet that will be appreciated consistently. Gemstone bracelets likewise make extraordinary gifts for friends and family.

Men’s Bracelet

A man’s bracelet can be worn on the two wrists, no matter what a watch. By and large, a men’s bracelet is more extensive than a ladies’ exemplary tennis bracelet and has accentuation on the gold or platinum setting, as well as the jewels. There are an assortment of plans – everything from easy to striking.

Bangle Bracelet

The bangle is a la mode and complex plan that shows perfectly on your wrist. Bangle bracelets are wonderful as a solitary place of shimmer on your arm, or you can stack them with different bracelets for a stylish, in vogue look that is really your own.

The one significant highlight to remember while buying a bangle bracelet from Anjolee is that they are typically a set size of seven crawls long (that length isn’t movable). In any case, we really do offer adaptable bangle bracelets, which have a super durable opening on one side and a solid wire going through the connections, giving it flexibility.

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