Erectile dysfunction or impotence is an individual’s inability to achieve and maintain an erection for a prolonged period that enables sexual intercourse with their penetration. many people use Vidalista 60 Individuals have to understand that it is a common order nowadays. It is not a disease that needs to be felt guilty about but a sign of some other problems like psychological or physical and sometimes a combination of both.

So, if an individual fails to attain or maintain an erection occasionally, it is completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about. And the root causes of this may include consuming an excess amount of alcohol, depression, tiredness, and anxiety. But until this problem persists or continues, there is nothing to be concerned about. But if your erectile dysfunction problems have become more frequent now, it is time to see a doctor.

Your doctor will do a complete physical examination to determine the precise erection problems and suitable treatment for erectile dysfunction that may include vacuum penile pump devices, counselling, penile prosthetic implants, and injections. These are sometimes medications that need to be taken orally, i.e., tablets. Individuals have to keep in mind that without consulting with a doctor, do not opt for any treatment on medication according to your friends or family’s suggestion.

Possible causes of erectile dysfunction:

Initially, doctors or healthcare providers assumed that erectile dysfunction or impotence problems were majorly caused by psychological factors that included depression and anxiety or stress. Still, later it is discovered that most cases of erectile dysfunction are promoted by physical illnesses, and the rate of related psychological causes are only in 10 cases of persistent impotence problem for erectile dysfunction vidalista 20.

Moreover, physical erectile dysfunction occurs over months or years, mostly due to the restrained loss of function. However, if an erection still happens impulsively overnight or during the morning, the issue may be psychological.

The following are the causes of erectile dysfunction that lead to several problems in life if not taken care of.

Physical problems

It is discovered that erectile dysfunction problems are mostly associated with a health condition that is impacted by the stream of blood flow to the penile region and includes high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol level, smoking of cigarettes, multiple sclerosis, and cardiac disease.

The amalgamation of psychological factors and physical problems:

If an individual finds difficulty maintaining an erection, then the main cause will be physical. It makes the individual feel anxious and stressed about sexual performance with their partners, worrying about satisfaction, worsening the problem.

Psychological factors:

An individual’s sexual performance can be significantly impacted by stress. That includes having a hectic schedule at the office, financial problems, or relationship issues. Among these, feeling anxious or depressed about sexual performance and other psychiatric conditions can also impact or lead to erectile dysfunction.


If an individual has undergone any surgical treatments, including prostate cancer treatment, he can suffer from erectile dysfunction issues. If you have undergone any such surgery and face any symptoms of erectile dysfunction, feel free to get in touch with your doctor.


There are specific medications that may cause adverse side effects in individuals. The prescribed medication utilized to treat high cholesterol, prostate disease, high blood pressure or depression, and psychiatric conditions may have an impact. Some terms make the erectile dysfunction condition worse.


Psychological or physical causes are evident. While in these cases, the underlying root cause might be vascular disease.

Issues with arousal:

Men who find it challenging to struggle with arousal can overcome this problem by making a few lifestyle changes. Having open communication with their partners and sharing their sexual desires is the ultimate solution.

The other possible option is to ask a healthcare provider or doctor to check their testosterone levels because men with low testosterone levels may find it challenging to arousal. So the solution might be testosterone replacement. But integers have to understand that testosterone levels may fluctuate throughout the day. In other words, heading to check this testosterone level may not be a definitive indicator. Strategies that might help the individual to feel aroused

Fantasia about sex:

It will help individuals discover their sexual desires and preferences if they fantasize and think about sex.


For individuals before being involved in sexual intercourse with their partner, masturbating will be helpful as it makes it easier for individuals to keep themselves aroused. Moreover, masturbation might help individuals discover their sexual interests and desire to maximize their sexual drive. It is also discovered that masturbation can also maximize testosterone levels and
increase libido.

Have crystal clear communication with a partner:

Communicating is the ideal solution, and it is the key to many problems as well. So interacting about sex randomly with the partner, not in the bedroom, may help to maximize the interest in sexual desires and sex. It might also be a good option to make sex more appealing and Pleasurable We understand many couples find it challenging to discuss this. So they can simply go off for sex therapy. It will help.

Adapt to a healthy lifestyle:

Bringing changes to a lifestyle becomes crucial if an individual has a diabetic problem or cardiovascular disease that promotes sexual dysfunction. But adopting a healthy diet and following regular exercise can minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Consult with your doctor: Several medical conditions, specifically those that can impact the endocrine system, may cause arousal issues. And sometimes, menopause, age-related hormone modification, and specific drugs may also cause erectile dysfunction. In this case, reaching a doctor is your only option as a can suggest a suitable treatment.

Diagnosis of the cause of continuing erectile dysfunction:

If an individual is suffering from persistent or continuing erectile dysfunction, they needs to get checked or diagnosed by the doctor. Because it is fine if they occasionally experience this condition, continuous erectile dysfunction might be a symptom of serious physical problems. After reaching the doctor, your doctor will conduct your physical examination to determine the underlying root cause of the individual’s continuing problem. It will help the doctor decide whether it requires treatment. Problems like diabetes, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, blood vessel disease, or high cholesterol

Your doctor may also suggest performing tests that help them determine whether your penis region is getting proper blood flow. A blood test can also help analyze if there are any hormone problems, like if the individual’s testosterone level is proper or low, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

So once the doctor determines whether the individual’s erectile dysfunction problem is because of a psychological or physical cause, they might suggest some suitable course of treatment that the individual can follow without delay.

Can you prevent erection issues?

The majority of the erection issues or promoted are caused by a physical problem rather than a psychological problem. Individuals need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and follow a healthy diet and perform enough exercise regularly to help them maintain good health and well-being Moreover, individuals can also minimize their chances of having erection issues by completely cutting down alcohol consumption, avoiding cigarette smoking, or using illegal drugs. Lastly, individuals can also escape erection problems that are related to stress and anxiety by

having crystal clear communication with their partners and their sexual desires and what are their concerns will boost their confidence and build a form of trust between a partner, which will help them to get relaxed.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence:

There are multiple treatment options available to remediate erectile dysfunction or impotence problems; it includes.

Individuals can change their prescription medication if they do not find it effective or if the root cause.

They can also opt for counselling sessions and psychotherapy. Despite other options, oral drugs that include Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra can also treat erectile dysfunction.

Phenyl prosthetic implants

To have sufficient blood flow to the penile region, external vacuum penile pump device treatment can also be suitable.

Hormonal therapy Injections straightly into the penis Vascular surgical treatment, However, before heading for any of these treatment options, the first aim is to remediate the underlying root cause if one is diagnosed. However, if not even one underlying root cause is discovered, treatments to directly restore erectile function can be deployed. Furthermore, there are multiple treatment options used to restore erectile function. It can be categorized based on the invasiveness level Minimal invasive treatments
and Surgical treatment.

But doctor’s healthcare providers initially begin with the least invasive treatment that includes tablets and all medications. If those tablets don’t show any effectiveness, they may recommend more complicated treatment options like injection or surgical treatments.

Men with diabetes and erectile dysfunction:

The higher risk of erectile dysfunction is in diabetic men, specifically if their diabetes level is not under proper control. But they are still unspecified and not fully understood. For decades, poor control of diabetic conditions results in and maximizes damage to the nerves and blood circulation that control the stream of blood flow to the penile region. Individuals ensure to keep their blood glucose levels in the proper target range, then they will easily escape such problems, and they want to experience much risk.

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