The Har Ki Dun Trek leads you through exquisite alpine woods with spectacular views of mountain pinnacles, making it one of the most beautiful valleys inside the Western Himalayas. It grows to a height approximately 3556 metres from the base of Fateh Parvat’s beautiful summit. From nature’s compassion to bird watching, this cradle-shaped valley provides a range of delightful adventures. Visit Sankri, which offers spectacular views of something like the Garhwal Mountains, before continuing on to Taluka, which evokes broad meadows and the refreshing perfume of fragrant flowers.

 Before strolling to the ecstatic Har Ki Dun Pass, plunge ahead via Osla with favourable interactions with deers and bores. Witness the icy glaciers at Jaundhar and Swargarohini, as well as lovely grassland landscapes and snowflakes.

How to reach

The Har Ki Dun Trek begins in the scenic city of Dehradun, which is located in Uttarakhand, and takes you across the Garhwal Himalayas. Arrive by plane, rail, bus, or vehicle at the lovely city of Dehradun. Fly into Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport, located 25 kilometres from the city centre, from Delhi as well as other major towns, then take one of the many readily accessible taxis to the city centre. Dehradun is very well connected to major cities by train; this is the final stop before ascending into the Himalayas. From New Delhi, the Mussoorie Train, Shatabdi Express, and Nizammudin Uttarakhand Special run on these lines on a regular basis.Other trains travel frequently from cities like Chennai, Lucknow, Calcutta, and Amritsar. The ISBT Kashmiri Gateway in New Delhi has multiple buses that run every half hour and take roughly 6-8 hours to clear Dehradun. From Shimla and Mussoorie, several Volvo and other state-run buses are planned. You may also book luxury buses in advance or take a driving trip down NH 72, which is lined with scenic routes.

Base camp

Sankri, the access point towards the famous Har Ki Dun, serves as the expedition’s basecamp. It is a picturesque settlement with elating vistas of the Himalayas, perfectly located at the amazing peak of 1950 metres in the Tons Valley. It’s the final settlement on the trek’s itinerary, and it’s mysteriously placed 13 kilometres within the Govind Nature Reserve. There are a few private hotels as well as a government guest house to serve tourists and trekkers. It is not only a great place to camp and have a bonfire, but it is also a great place for various excursions. Sankri is a great basecamp between the ridges, with the lovely sun sinking behind the Himalayas and the sheen of the Swargarohini peak.

Best time to visit

This same Har Ki Dun Journey took you from the famed city of Dehradun to Sankri, the trekking expedition’s base camp, through an exciting drive. This is a pretty popular campground among hikers and trekkers, and it serves as the starting point for a number of exploratory trips. With ideal weather for walking all year save during the monsoons, one may expect to see snow during the winter months, which can range from December to mid-April. The greatest time to go on this trip is in the spring, when the sights of flower-blooming meadows and valleys, combined with scattered snow, make for a thrilling tour. The average temperature is 1°C to 5°C, however nights are significantly cooler, with significant drops below freezing. Most trekking lovers choose to do this journey between the weeks of May and October, when the weather is milder and the hiking conditions are more predictable. 

Elevation points

Our Har Ki Dun hiking trip starts in the picturesque city of Dehradun that takes you on an exciting journey to Sankri, the basecamp. The route passes past picturesque villages such as Nainbagh, Purola, and Naitwar, among others. With a height of 1950 metres, Sankri provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The Tons Creek and the little town that lies here may be seen when trekking here to the mythical Taluka that stands at 2075 metres. Continue on to Osla, which lies at 2560 metres and has a lovely town with a sculpted temple. Har Ki Dun, a beautiful 3556-metre peak, is your hiking destination. 


Dehradun is indeed a hill station set in the Garhwal area of the beautiful Himalayas, and it is the state capital of something like the new district of Uttarakhand. It is one of India’s oldest cities, and its stunning surroundings and bright weather attract a great influx of visitors each year.

Dehradun, located between both the Ganges as well as the Yamuna, is a preferred retirement location since it has a huge Cantonment area in addition to being a world-famous tourist attraction. Various historical landmarks of architectural significance may be found here, as well as known auspicious temples.

Sankri is the starting point again for Har Ki Dun Trek, which takes you through unspoiled and diverse Himalayan woods. Sankri is a charming village with a stunning view of the Himalayas. It is made up of a few communities of stores and guesthouses that mostly cater to trekkers.

It is located at a height of 1950 metres in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi District, and it is a picturesque wonderland that jolts the inexperienced traveller. This charming village stands proudly against the background of the Swargarohini mountain.

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