The art of magic has seen one of the most massive changes in its history in the last year. Well, there is hope for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, many global meetings, from business meetings to team-building activities, birthday celebrations, etc, continue to take place online. The virtual zoom magic show event is also an example of online fun office games

The virtual magic party is a way to provide joy and connection at a period when people are physically separated. If you as a manager or owner of the company, think of organizing a virtual magic show for your employees. That’s a great idea. Virtual magic show party connects your employees. There are various online magic tricks that you can show to your employees by hiring a magician. There is a various magician for virtual events are available. You can hire any of them and organize a virtual magic show. But you should try to persuade your employees to learn at least one online magic trick and perform it online. The person who performs the amazing magic trick will be the winner. So, now the question is what are the online magic tricks. Let’s discuss this question.

Online Magic tricks

In honour of this incredible occasion, we have compiled a list of some of our most popular online magic tricks:

Bubble Thought

We think “Bubble Thought” is the coolest virtual magic show trick we have ever seen. It is easy, simple to understand, and unlike many other interactive magic tricks, it is not overly complicated. You and a viewer both hold your own decks of cards, mentally pick a card and then cut to the card in your own pack that belongs to the other. They do it with their own deck of cards, of course.

Watch This

You have undoubtedly seen “Watch This” if you have been on Zoom, TikTok, Instagram, in the previous year. This visual experience, in which a playing card changes into a timepiece in front of your eyes.

“Watch This” unique trick is simple to use and ready to use. It has surprisingly great views, allowing you to include “Watch This” into your future close-up performances or street magic set.


“Inferno” is a fantastic illusion that is simple to create and allows you to concentrate entirely on giving an interesting performance to your virtual audience. It will certainly make its way into your close-up magic set whenever you return to in-person magic shows as a bonus.


It is a really basic and uncomplicated technique. Also, It is one of just a few tricks on this list. It was not designed specifically for online magic show zoom. However, its incredibly smart manner makes it simple to do it online. It also adds an extra degree of trickery because being separated by a screen eliminates any possibility of looking at what they wrote. I.D.D. is now available for download, and you can have everything you need to start performing it in minutes.

Piano Card Project

Performing visual magic is crucial in the virtual magic world. And it is difficult to think of anything more visually exciting than The Piano Card Project. The Piano Card Project provides you with a set of tools and a conceptual framework to let you create your own visual magic. This special download is suitable for people of all ability levels. It includes a basic version that anybody with no prior gimmick-making knowledge can build in minutes, as well as sophisticated versions for more experienced gimmick-makers.

We have discussed the different online magic tricks that your employees can perform in the event. Virtual magic show corporate and engages employees in the office. So, now let’s discuss how you can do a virtual magic show party on zoom.

Online Magic Show Zoom

Magic events on Zoom are going strong nowadays. They are set to continue for the rest of the year, if not forever. 

Nobody could have thought of attending conferences and trade exhibitions as usual before March 2020. However, it proved out to be true, and many employers welcomed the trend to reduce zoom strain caused by reduced physical touch with the outside world. To keep its employees motivated and morale good, they began hiring virtual magicians.

Yes, there are various magicians for virtual events available. They are also affordable. Some of these magicians were fantastic and jaw-dropping in their performances. Some are virtual magician for adults. 

As a result, the world of virtual magic events was formed, and it continues to thrive. Even when the pandemic is finished, the next few years will testify to it. Because many businesses have a national or worldwide presence and a dispersed staff. As a result, with a single zoom platform, these online magic performances will bring them all together.


So, organizing a virtual zoom magic show event for corporate employees is the best idea. Employees will be able to participate, and the magician will continue to chat and make jokes with them. Longer lockdowns and isolation intervals have already made individuals frustrated and bored. They are all in need of some laughing therapy to heal from the depressed phase. A zoom magic show will brighten their lives and allow them to resume their usual lives.

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