There is nothing more important than the group of an employee having the ability to work together. That is why most companies organize some fun indoor team building games for employees to get everyone active and engaged. Because it is not easy to get people to collaborate for work. 

And also, most companies don’t have any outdoor space available. Indoor team building activities for employees helps to promote teamwork and foster relationship. In this article, we will discuss some best indoor team building activities. So, let’s start discussing it. 

This article includes:

  • Indoor Team Building Activities For Employees
  • Corporates Indoor Team Building Activities
  • Indoor Team Building Activities For Corporates

So, let’s get started. 

The Best Fun Indoor Team Building Activities For Employees

1. Truth and Dare

Truth and dare is everyone’s favorite, and also a fun indoor game for employees in office. This icebreaker question game pushes the participants out of their comfort zones. And this team building activity helps the employees to know each other interests and personalities. So, try this one of the interesting indoor team building activities for corporates. 

2. Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are interesting & fun indoor games for employees. It is a problem solving & role-playing team building activity that transforms employees into detectives. Employees work together to solve the riddles, puzzles & mysteries. 

3. Escape room

Escape rooms are the most popular indoor games for employees engagement. This game forces the employees to work together as a team. To play this game, let’s ready a custom room for employees & stuck them together in a room. That time the fun will beyond your expectation. Because employees work together to solve the secrets and challenges to escape the room before the given time. 

4. Cooking Competition

It is one of the most interesting & fun indoor team building activities. Organize a cooking competition & lets everyone participate in this. The employee will cook individually and work together in groups to prepare delicious food. Enjoy this event & make sure that they cook enough so that everyone will indulge in this delicious taste. 

5. 2 Truth and A Lie

This one is the best corporate indoor team building activity. In this game, employees offer a personal statement to everyone, 2 of which are truth and a lie. And the lie should be as real as the truth. Then other employees guess that which of them is a lie and which is the truth. This team building activity helps employees to know each other in a better way. 

6. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are the best indoor team games that require participants to move around, explore, and collaborate to complete the lists.

To organize a scavenger hunt, separate your employees into teams. And assign each team a list of clues and commands to complete in a given time. Count up the number of things collected or tasks accomplished by each team at the end of the game, and declare a winner.

7. Trivia Night

Trivia is one of the most simple indoor team activities. To get the game started, make a list of categories and questions. After that, separate the workers into teams and ask participants to come up with creative team names. A host reads out the questions and calls on teams or collects written responses to play the game, and a host or co-host tallies the score. To make the game more exciting, use a large screen and include multimedia elements such as video and audio. Even if trivia is played with few bells and whistles, the competitive nature of the game keeps it interesting.


We have discussed the best indoor team building activities. And we hope these indoor games for employee engagement help you to engage your employees. These corporates team building activities enhance the employees’ mood and enthusiasm and also boost their morale and productivity. 

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