It is easier for employees to build bonds with their coworkers when they are all in the same place. They can ask questions, have a conversation, eat lunch together, or go out for a happy hour. However, the modern workplace is shifting to work from home. But, at the same time, remote team bonding activities is essential.

Recently, statistics data shows that presently, 22% of Americans are working from home. That means over half of all US workers are involved in some form of remote work. So, what do you do when your staff is separated around the country? The solution is simple and clear (but not easy). You must do virtual remote team bonding activities.

There are various team bonding activities for remote teams. You can use those activities to engage your employees and enhance their bonds with each other. So, if you want to know about remote bonding activities, this blog is providing you with the same.

In this blog, we will discuss different remote team bonding activities ideas for work from home team. So, let’s discuss different activities and ideas of team bonding for remote teams.

Remote Team Bonding Activities Ideas For Work From Home Team

Following are some of the best and most amazing remote team bonding activities and ideas. Let’s take a look;

1. Tiny Campfire

For work from home staff, you can organize a tiny campfire. This activity would be the best remote team bonding activities. Haunted historical ghost stories, icebreakers, little contests, and even a genuine cooking experience are all part of the event. It is a lot of fun, a lot of smarts, and it is possibly the finest damn online camping experience ever. There is no need for mosquito repellent.

2. War Of Wizards

One of the most unusual and interesting virtual team development exercises in the world is War of the Wizards. The game is a 90-minute live supervised event. It features RPG gaming mechanics, escape rooms, puzzle-solving, narration, and world creation.

In fact, a gang of wizards has been a battle for millennia, and none of them can recall why. Telling stories, solving riddles, and completing tasks to earn “sparkle points,” casting spells, and doing whatever it takes to bring a peaceful conclusion to the battle, you and your coworkers become the wizards’ slaves. This game is clever, engaging, and unique, making it ideal for remote teams.

Important: To enjoy War of the Wizards, you don’t need to be an RPG expert. The game structure is suitable for players of various skill levels and interests.

3. Virtual Bingo

Team Building on the Online Bingo is a fun and familiar game. So it is a great way to get started with virtual team building quickly, easily, and for free.

You begin by filling out a bingo board with a variety of action items or successes. For example, you may cross out “sorry, I was silent!” on your board, as well as “wearing PJ bottoms to a video meeting.”

4. Tournament of rock, paper, scissors

This is one of the funniest remote bonding activities. Try a virtual version of this classic game in real-time using your preferred video conferencing program. The winner of the match will go on to play the next player on the team, and so on. It is a fun way to put people’s reflexes to the test, see how sensitive they are, and promote originality. It may also be used as a warm-up before a brainstorming session.

5. Learn someone’s life story in 5 minutes

This is a terrific listening and mirroring activity. It is a way for team members to learn about one other’s interests and create relationships. To begin, divide them into two groups of two and set a timer for five minutes. Instruct them to share their full life story with their spouse at that moment. After five minutes or more, the listener must tell the group on the conference call his or her life story from memory.

6. The Birth Map

The Birth Map is a fun virtual team-building game. Create a globe map by printing it or uploading it to a shared document or an online whiteboard. Engage your team at the start of your meetup by asking everyone to put a sticker or a pin on the map to show where they were born.

Then have everyone tell short stories about what they like best about where they were born. This game displays the diversity of voices on your team. It allows employees to discuss their cultural beliefs as well as some interesting facts about their home country.

7. One Word Exercise

This is the best remote team bonding activity. Choose a sentence that connects to the major theme of the meeting and starts with the topic. Ask participants to jot down a word that comes to mind when they think about it. This game allows everyone to express their fears and expectations before concentrating on the job at hand.

Final Words

We have discussed the remote team bonding activities ideas for the work from home team in the above blog. I hope you understand the above remote team bonding activities well. Building remote teamwork is more difficult than in-office cohesion. You must make an effort to assist employees to connect with one another, speaking openly, and develop informal connections. This may be accomplished through Slack channels, team meals, and games. So, use different remote bonding activities to engage your employees.

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