Holi is a joyous festival. Regardless of where it is celebrated, demands a huge celebration. Holi is a festival that draws people together and is all about love, joy, and pleasant memories. Therefore enjoying Holi celebration ideas with your coworkers is something you should look forward to.

People love to celebrate this important day at work and gather together to enjoy a Holi, no matter how restricted their working environment is. So, if you are also thinking of celebrating this holi in your office, create a list of employee engagement activities for Holi. Yes, events and games make the Holi celebration more enjoyable. 

That is why in this blog we will share with you some holi celebration ideas for office. With these innovative Holi celebration ideas, you can always add an odd yet enjoyable touch to your party. 

These ideas not only make celebrations or gatherings more enjoyable, but they also provide everyone with a lot of memories to keep for the rest of their lives. Thus, the following are some creative Holi celebration ideas for office or company. Let’s discuss!

The Amazing Holi Celebration Ideas For Office

  • Create Canvas

Make a large canvas and invite people to use colours to draw whatever they want on it. Because Holi is a celebration of colours. The theme of sprinkling random sketches and colourful doodles across a canvas is particularly fitting. You could also instruct them to construct a collage out of their handprints or spray several colours all over the canvas to make it more colourful. Tell any one person to keep an eye on employees. So, they do not make a mess on the canvas or splash colours all over the floor.

  • Gujiya Cooking Competition

This concept of holding a Gujiya cooking competition is a pleasure for all Gujiya fans. Gujiya is one of the most famous and loveable Holi traditional sweets. It is one of the most fun-filled Holi celebration ideas for the office. It will undoubtedly brighten your Holi party at work. Gujiya will be made in a variety of ways by various people. This means, you can not only involve everyone, but you can also gratify your taste buds with mouth-watering Gujiya straight from the oven.

  • Arrange Holi Office Party

You may even throw a big workplace party for everyone at work before they go home to celebrate Holi with their families. This is going to be a lot of fun. It will be a fantastic reason for everyone to get together with their coworkers and have a good time. Arrange for beverages, colours, and meals for them, and allow them to celebrate Holi with passion.

  • Play Games

There are a variety of activities you may play at work to make your Holi celebration more enjoyable. At events like Holi, people like playing Housie, cards, rope tugging, tug of war, and other entertaining games. These amazing Holi celebration ideas for office will undoubtedly bring out the kid in your workers and provide them with an unforgettable experience.

  • Arrange Holi Lunch With Your Employees

Lunching with your coworkers is a fantastic way to celebrate unity while also making your Holi celebration more thrilling and joyous. For foodies, this is going to be a dream come true. You can take the help of two or three cooks to prepare a traditional Holi dinner.

  • Dress Code

White has usually been the traditional attire during Holi. Do not be disappointed that you can not go crazy with colour. Everyone will be in the mood for Holi wearing white T-shirts with phrases and a scattering of colours. Are you looking for inspiration? Try Holi Hai, Save Water, Drink Bhang, and The Big Bhang Theory to get started. You can also make up your own inspirational quote.

  • Plan A Photoshoot

Set up a small photo booth in an open space to make it a memorable day. A blank wall with a variety of decorations, such as rainbow wigs, multicoloured hats, oversized sunglasses, and bright boards to hold up, would create striking sights. Do not forget to bring a bunch of masks, mustaches, and pouts to add to the hilarity.

  • Set The Stage

Most companies are fine with Diwali decorations. So, there’s no reason why you should not be able to brighten up your desk with a splash of colour. Festive decoration does not have to be costly. At the entrance, a Holi art display of gulal in cutting chai cups, hanging colourful balloons, and paper buntings/ribbons. Never underestimate the power of a bouquet of vibrant fresh flowers.

To Sum Up

We have discussed the different holi celebration ideas for office. So, pick any of the Holi celebration ideas for office or workplaces from the list above. And throw a big Holi party in your office. Everyone looks forward to celebrating this holiday with their friends and family. But doing so with your coworkers not only offers a sense of unity. But it is also a fantastic way to wish them a happy Holi.

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