Lab-grown diamonds have been getting more and more popular in recent years, but some people still aren’t quite sure what to do with them once they have them in their possession. If you’re wondering about how to wear lab-grown diamond Pendants like celebrities, we’ve got the answer! Check out this guide that shows the best ways to wear your new jewellery without turning heads at the same time. Here are our top tips on how to wear lab-grown diamond Pendants in style!

Shows Off Your Rock.

Whether you want to splurge on yourself or give an unforgettable gift, lab-grown diamond rings are available in a range of cuts and styles. You can also customize your necklace by choosing a metal finish. For something truly unique, choose your diamond and then work with an artist to create your custom design. With so many options, it’s easy to fall in love with these gorgeous pieces of jewellery and we don’t blame you! Next time you plan on rocking a lab-grown necklace, follow these tips from celebrities for how to wear them like a pro. We promise that you’ll look just as chic as any starlet when you do.

The best way to showcase your rock is by wearing one of our stunning necklaces. These pieces make a statement no matter what kind of outfit you have on. While some prefer big statement necklaces, others may prefer smaller ones that show off their sparkly gems more subtly. Whichever style you go with, there are plenty of ways to make sure that everyone knows about your new addition—especially if they’re not used to seeing lab-grown diamonds in person!

Worn With Any Kind Of Dress.

A lab-grown diamond necklace is a wonderful way to subtly and elegantly adorn your neckline. Lab-grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from naturally mined stones, which means you can wear them with any kind of dress. These sparkling necklaces can be added to an otherwise bare outfit for instant glamour, or be paired with other accessories (or lack thereof) for elegant simplicity. For example, a pair of simple stud earrings and chandelier pendants go beautifully together as both complement each other, providing just enough sparkle without being too overbearing. That’s not all; these lab-grown diamonds also give you more versatility with styling than naturally mined stones do.

Perfectly Matched To Your Outfit.

When wearing lab-grown diamond necklaces, remember that these aren’t cheap knockoffs—they are real diamonds! But don’t think that means you should wear them with anything. Most women report feeling underdressed when wearing only a lab-grown diamond necklace. You can purchase an additional piece of jewellery (like earrings or even cufflinks) or layer your lab-grown diamond necklace with other jewels—or just let it shine all on its own. Your lab-grown diamond necklace is sure to be noticed so look for opportunities to let others admire it, whether at a formal event or just out with friends! And enjoy all of those compliments! They won’t stop coming.

In Formal Settings.

Real or lab-grown diamonds are considered semi-precious stones. In most formal settings, you will want to stick with semi-precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Avoid synthetic diamonds altogether as they often lack sparkle and shine, which is what makes them appealing in a jewellery set. Instead, consider carefully selected natural coloured gems that can accentuate your clothing choices for your upcoming event. For example, if you’re attending an evening affair where you’ll be wearing black tie attire, consider pairing your pendant with a simple strand of pearls. Pearls complement both white and yellow gold metals and can provide an understated elegance to any outfit choice. If you prefer more bling, try adding on a diamond tennis bracelet or another piece of jewellery that will draw attention away from your pendant necklace.

For Extra Sparkle On Casual Days.

Whether it’s lounging around or running errands, you can dress down your lab-grown diamond pendants for fun, too. Try layering it with other pendants in complimentary shapes and sizes for instant cool-girl cred. Some of our favourites include antique rings, personalized necklaces and gold charm bracelets. Pair your favourite necklace with an open tee and jeans for a casual look that works almost any time of day or night. Or try oversize earrings on top of a fitted shirt and an understated sweater vest for lunch with friends or an afternoon at your local museum. At night, swap out bigger accessories for something smaller, like simple studs or hoops on top of an all-black outfit. The best part? You don’t have to worry about jewellery snags because your pendant is made from durable materials. And if you’re worried about losing it, just slip it onto a chain! Just make sure you choose one that matches its length so that it hangs evenly.

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