After a long and hard working day, the sofa provides a nice and soft place to lie down quietly. It is also a place where everyone, including family members and guests, can sit comfortably and watch TV. Furthermore, a good-sized, comfortable sofa is a nice place in the house for a couple to flirt and cuddle. The sofa is also the chosen hideaway, the home’s default resting place.

Aside from that, the sofa is an excellent choice for families with children. If you have a baby, the sofa is a good place for him to nap because he can’t get up and run away or roll over. If you have a toddler, on the other hand, you can teach him or her gymnastics. Sofas have padded arms and deep cushions, which make for safe take-off and landing zones. They can lie on full stretch for older children and teenagers, sprinkled with crisps and surrounded by casually dented aluminum cans. Washable removable covers will be ideal for this application.

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