It is not simple to organize a digital team building event. Finding the proper activities for your group, finances, and availability is one of the most difficult elements. Furthermore, with a virtual event, you must examine what works well in (or succeeds in) a digital environment. There are various fun digital team building ideas for remote teams. You can just use them to engage your employees. That is why, in this blog, we will share some fun digital team activities. We will talk about some of our favorite fun digital team building activity ideas. We will also show you how to make your remote team building event even more interesting. So, let’s discuss some fun digital team building ideas

Fun Digital Team Building Ideas and Activities

Team building and warmup exercises are effective tools for bringing people together, creating trust, increasing employee engagement, and supporting organizational culture. Let’s look at some of the best digital team building activities you can do with your remote team members.

1. Draw My Life

Visual learning is perhaps the most effective method of learning. Invite your coworkers to recreate their lives in drawings via screen sharing or a digital whiteboard. It may be a lot of fun to learn about someone’s hobbies, passions, and life story in this way.

To make it harder, do this game in real-time, or have participants prepare their boards before the meeting. Save the digital photographs from your video conference somewhere so you can look back on everyone’s whiteboard works.

2. Virtual games

Your digital team’s efforts do not have to be focused on a certain job function. Take some time to relax with your team by playing a few online games over a video call. Inquire about everyone’s favorite online games, like online karaoke, online tambola games for office employees. Then choose a new one for each virtual gaming night. 

3. Virtual Movie Night

While there is less chatting during a movie night than at a regular team gathering. But, it is still an excellent way to establish a remote team. After all, sharing laughter or tears over the great (or worst) movies brings people together. 

Arrange your virtual movie night for the evening, or make it a daytime movie during the holidays. Consult with others for ideas, or base the activity on a season, a holiday, a genre, or a historical period.

4. Sharing your bucket list

Most of us have heard of bucket lists. But we frequently keep them to ourselves. Ask everyone to share some of the items on their bucket list or goal list as a fresh method to create relationships across distant teams.

Beyond the usual workday, this is a really fascinating digital team building activities for remote teams. It is the best way to get to know the individuals around you. You can learn about someone’s vacation plans, job aspirations, passion projects, and other interests. If sharing your massive wishlist feels too personal or difficult, advise others to keep it simple and focus on travel, lifelong learning, or other non-serious objectives instead.

5. Quizzes or trivia games

Keep things small with a pub trivia game to test who in your group knows the most about sports, music, or movies. This is a great exercise for a Friday afternoon video conferencing session or as part of a larger virtual business retreat or team building day.

Create your own trivia quiz or have one created for you by a third party. Rounds on well-known topics like TV and history can be included, or your entire quiz might be themed around a certain period, genre, or celebrity. Include some enjoyable rounds, such as a problem-solving game or an emoji guessing round.

6. Lunch and a lecture

Turn your normal team meal into a team-based lunch and learn something new. For this virtual event, all you will need is a video conference call, a host, and something new to learn about.

 We think it is a great idea for digital team building to use lunch and learn events to get to know your employees better. You may guide people through how to make their proposal into a successful passion project. Demonstrate how to make amazing graphics, or teach how to start knitting. There are so many fantastic themes on which you might conduct a lunch and learn. And it is an excellent way to strengthen your team’s bonds.

7. Virtual Happy Hour

Try a virtual happy hour for a more relaxed approach to digital team building activities. Organize a video conference with everyone, invite individuals to bring a drink of their choice, and have a good time.

Virtual happy hours are similar to in-person happy hours. Except they function through the internet. It is a nice opportunity to get together with your coworkers for some relaxing time away from the office. Send Hoppier cards to your distant visitors so they may get something unique from a nearby seller, making your happy hour even more enjoyable.


We have discussed 7 digital team building ideas and activities in the above blog. These employee engagement fun activities help to bring employees together. Employee engagement is very important for an organization. It increases the employees’ enthusiasm and the company’s productivity. Virtual gatherings are a fantastic way to bring employees closer together and form lasting friendships. You may also use your fun virtual team building activities to focus on important aspects of your organization, such as corporate culture, innovation, or communication.

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