In today’s world, most of us have gastric & stomach-related problems. These problems happen because of poor eating habits, excess weight, or a sedentary lifestyle. Because of these concerns, our company has come up with a remedy. With pure, natural, and vegetarian ingredients, this product has all the benefits that can cure gastric & stomach-related issues. Read out the ingredients & advantages below.

• GASO FREE Capsules is a unique combination of 8 herbs and is popular for its carminative & digestive properties.

• GASO FREE Capsules have popularity for their magnificent properties in the resolution of disorders of the digestive system. 

• Indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, constipation, etc. are cured with regular usage of GASO FREE Capsules.

• It is prescribed irrespective of age for the treatment of anorexia and indigestion. 

• This medicine yields good results in children’s gastric problems. 

• Rather than being used as a medicine, GASO FREE Capsules are advisable for regular usage by children. 

• Also, it is curative of abdominal worm infestations. 

• GASO FREE Capsules is helpful in the management of blood sugar levels by the enhancement of insulin production due to their anti-oxidant property. 

• Also, it is helpful in removing worms from the intestine subject to its anthelmintic property. 

• We provide the best combination of effective remedies such as GASO FREE Capsules for Ayurvedic treatment of constipation. 

• These herbal remedies undergo preparation from the use of the best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda. 

• All these remedies are 100 percent pure, natural, and vegetarian. 

• These are free from chemicals, additives, and preservatives. 

• These are safer for usage and are having no side effects. 

Benefits and Uses of GASO FREE Capsules

• Improves digestion power

• Treats anorexia

• Effective for joint pains

• Cures stomach pain

• Purifies the blood

• Relieves constipation

• Delays emptying of the stomach

• Restores the bowel movement

• GASO FREE Capsules are useful for removing toxins from the body due to their anti-oxidant property.

• It has positive effects on stomach-related problems

• It eliminates waste products from the body through urine and feces.

• GASO FREE Capsules have laxative action on the intestine.

• It is helpful in various health diseases. It is supportive of the healthy digestive system and maintains healthy metabolism

• It balances all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta ,and Kapha)

• It is helpful in the relief of metabolism-related problems.

• It supports the healthy liver and spleen and their related problems.

Benefits of GASO FREE Capsules Ingredients


• Helps treat skin problems

• Helps treat respiratory problems

• Soothes digestive ailments

• Relieves Acidity and Constipation

• Treats Ulcers

• Helps in Weight Loss

• Alleviates Menopause Problems

• Menstrual And Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Cramps

• Promotes Oral Health

• Antiviral And Antibacterial

• Anti-Inflammatory


• Breaks down Kapha, useful in thick sputum, sinusitis, and asthma.

• Useful in worm infestation, infected wounds

• Improves digestion strength

• Digestive, relieves Ama Dosha

• Increases Pitta Dosha

• Causes purgation

• Useful in ascites, enlargement of the abdomen

• Relieves gas, the fullness of abdomen, bloating

• Useful in spleen disorders, splenomegaly

• Useful in abdominal tumors

• Useful in the treatment of asthma and chronic respiratory disorders

• Useful in chronic respiratory disorders, tuberculosis

• Useful in the treatment of disorders of Vata Dosha imbalance such as neuralgia, paralysis, constipation, bloating, etc.

• Improves taste, relieves anorexia


• It is an anti-oxidant herb. It protects our body from various infections and prevents our body from free radicals.

• Its leaf powder and root bark are good for the cardiac and circulatory system, and it is used for reducing high blood pressure levels in the body.

• Known to enhance the quality and quantity of sperms. It has given strength to the male reproductive system.

• Shigru leaves, seeds, and seed pods are known for their anti-inflammatory nature. These are used for the reduction of inflammation. It is beneficial in arthritis, rheumatism, cramps, and gout.

• This herb even reduces high cholesterol levels and diminishes the risk of heart diseases. • Protects the body against harmful effects of arsenic toxicity.

• Rich in magnesium and calcium and improves the strength of teeth and bones. Also used in osteoporosis and various bone disorders.

• Used for healthy and glowing skin

• Rubbed over the forehead to relieve severe headache.

• Applied over wounds and ulcers. Since it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it helps in quick healing

• The tea prepared from the leaves is used for treating gastric ulcers and diarrhea.

• Seed powder is used in scurvy and various skin infections.

• It is also antibiotic in nature and prevents the body from sexually transmitted diseases and boils.

• Its gum is diuretic, astringent, abortifacient, and very effective in treating asthma.

• Effective in bronchitis, fever, inflammation of mucus membrane, and eye and ear infections.

• Used to pacify Vata and Kapha dosha.


• Good for oral health

• Best as a mouth freshener

• Used as stained teeth removal

• Preventive gum infection

• Diminishes swelling in gums

• Effectively battles indigestion problems

• Maintenance of women’s health

• Preventive Diarrhea

• Maintains sexual health

• Improvement in muscular strength

• Healing of anemia and blood sugar


• Helpful in the indigestion treatment.

• Curing Fever

• Reduction in the symptoms of bleeding piles

• Cure Asthma

• Wound healing

• Beneficial for Joint Pain

• Cure of Headache

Ashok chhal

• Its herb is useful for gynecological problems

• Its bark is helpful in the improvement of intellect

• Its leaves are useful for skin care

• The plant is preventive against internal bleeding

• Dealing with stomach swelling and inflammation

• Useful for piles and diabetes

• Preventive diarrhea

• Removal of kidney stones and treating asthma

• Its flower is helpful in pain relief


• Solution to respiratory troubles

• Solution to arthritis

• Enhancement in digestion

• Preventive headache

• Treatment of fever


• Its powder is useful for face skin

• It is preventive against bacterial infection

• It offers nerve relaxing smell

• It is quite useful for constipation

• Used as a sleep inducer

• It lowers blood pressure

• It is good for the uterusTriphala

• Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

• Provides protection against certain cancers

• Provides protection against disease and cavities

• Provides assistance in weight loss

• Can be used as a natural laxative


• It has anti-oxidant properties

• It has anti-inflammatory properties

• It helps in boosting your immune system

• It is helpful in cough relief

• It helps in the treatment of diarrhea

• It may act as a diuretic

• It helps in the treatment of ulcers

• It is helpful in the treatment of kidney stones

• It maintains blood sugar

• It may be anti-aging

• Helpful in the treatment of depression


• It helps in cleansing the body inside and out. It has got amazing health benefits as it helps in the purification of blood and improvement of skin texture as well.

• It is used for the management of many gynecological problems like menorrhagia, leucorrhea, dysmenorrheal, etc.

• It is used for treating snake bites, scorpion bites, and other poisonous insect bite cases.

• It helps in clearing infections, blocks the reproductive system of both males and females, and eradicates deadly microbial diseases like gonorrhea, leucorrhea, etc.

• It has a very stabilizing and cooling impact which helps to neutralize abnormal acid secretions in the gut.

• It brings down high fever and even manages skin conditions subject to vitiated pitta.

• For oral ulcers, the skin of its woody roots can be taken and chewed to provide quick relief.

• Roots can be boiled to make a sweet decoction that refreshes the body and can be used while having tea or coffee.

• Used for anemia treatment and can be orally taken in many ways for the same.

• It can be taken with milk and black pepper for improvement of overall health.

• It can even be used with honey for improving the strength and vitality of the body.

• It can act as a good brain tonic as well. It can be given to children with speech disorders, autism, etc. People struggling with depression, psychiatric disorders, etc. can even benefit from the use of this herb.

• Its root paste can be applied externally to treat joint pain in case of osteoarthritis and gout. It is even helpful in curing many skin conditions as well.

• It is used for pacifying all three dashes, i.e., Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


• Helps in smoothing urinary system inflammation

• It has cooling effects and properties.

• It heals and fades scar tissue faster

0• Reduces blood pressure

• It is used in cosmetics products

• Strengthens gums and teeth

• Used as a sedative

• It is useful for stomach pain and boosts the digestive system

• It can be used for its anti-aging properties

• Treats viral & fungal infection

• It is used in religious & spiritual practices

Kaunch Beej

• Treats Gut Problems

• Supplies Essential Amino Acids

• Supports a diet that is gluten-free

• Fortifies Bone Density

• Keeps blood sugar levels in Check

• Treats anemia

• Boosts Nervous System Function

• Augments Heart Health

• It is used for Pregnancy and Lactation

• Contributes to Nutritional Needs

• Gives solution to irritable bowel syndrome


• Magnificient for heart and lungs

• Controls the blood pressure and regulates the heartbeat naturally.

• Has a strong effect on the nervous system

• It also works as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces pain and swelling. Revitalizes the body and decreases body fatigue caused due to accumulation of toxins in the body.

• It maintains proper nourishment of the tissues while supporting the proper function of the reproductive system.

• Provides all of the health support with respect to various stomach disorders like constipation and gastrointestinal problems.

• Promotes the natural ability of the body to resist stresses, including those in relation to poor diet, and resultantly supports circulatory, immune, adrenal, and reproductive systems in the body. 


• Relieves urinary disorders

• Improves kidney functions

• Boosts sexual health and stamina

• Treats Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

• Boosts Libido

• Promotes Cardiac Functioning

• Aids in Digestion

• Dismisses pain

• Augments Skin Health

• Promotes Brain Functioning


• Remedies Gynecological Anomalies

• Fights Respiratory Issues

• Relieves Liver Anomalies

• Augments Skin Health

• Manages diabetes

• Preventive Ulcers

• Corrects Epistaxis

• Promotes digestion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• What are GASO FREE Capsules? 

GASO FREE Capsules are an Ayurvedic product formulated with the healing power of several ayurvedic ingredients that are helpful in the relief of constipation and other symptoms related to it.

• What is the USP of GASO FREE Capsules?

GASO FREE Capsules is an Ayurvedic product that offers a higher quantity of ayurvedic herbs combination as compared to other laxative products available in the market. It is made up of a fine blend of herbal ingredients that provide assistance in the maintenance of overall digestion. 

• How to consume GASO FREE Capsules?

Take one tablet with lukewarm water two hours after the meal at bedtime. GASO FREE Capsules make it easy for intake as compared to other tablets for constipation.

• What are the precautions to be taken?

• Patients with hypertension, hepatic & renal disorder should consult a physician prior to taking medicine.

• Do not use in case of pregnancy and lactation.

• Not to be used by children below 12 years of age.

• Is it safe for long-term use?

GASO FREE Capsules are an Ayurvedic product that can be taken for long-term use and is not habit-forming. 

• Why use GASO FREE Capsules?

• Relieves constipation

• Alternative to chemical laxatives

• Helps regulate bowel movements

• Does drinking hot water with GASO FREE Capsules help in constipation?

Yes, warm water taken with GASO FREE Capsules is helpful for digestion and relieving constipation.

• What helps the most in constipation?

It would help if you consumed GASO FREE Capsules at once as it contains so many herbal ingredients. These are made from the pure natural extract of herbs and have no side effects.

• Can constipation go by itself?

Most of the time, it goes away by itself by taking some laxatives and other foods preventive against constipation. But, you must consume GASO FREE Capsules as you will definitely feel better after using them.

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