Air Handling unit or AHU is an amalgamation of various components placed together in huge accessible units known as modules that surpasses the required ventilation needs. As far as functionality is concerned AHU is used to purify the air for clean rooms, release and replace the air in large buildings, or simply air condition the rooms/buildings. To give the best possible outcome, AHU is positioned on the roof of the property, so that the filtered air reaches every corner of the building. In extension, an Air Handling Unit design is responsible for abating the dust particles, moisture, and unwanted particles from the air. Larger HVAC systems consist of Air Handling designs or AHUs.

Working and applications of AHU/ Air Handling Unit design

An AHU typically works in the following fashion –

The task of the air handling units is to collect the external air and disperse it into different compartments of the product. The air is then recycled through the filter. The cooling coil cools down the air. In the end, the air is dispensed into the building through a fan with various ducts. The whole system is known to be efficient in energy consumption.

Some of the applications of the AHU unit are as follows –

  1. To inspect and filter the air which is produced in the building via Air Handling Unit design.
  2. Ensuring no negative air pressure is built in the building. The situation might arise where more air is dispersed than the expected parameters which creates negative pressure. So, the AHU balances out the air pressure.
  3. Eliminating moisture from the air.
  4. Can easily be used in medium to large spaces efficiently. Small AHUs can be installed in different parts of the building.
  5. Indubitably, an energy-efficient alternative to other conditioning systems. It is not only good for the environment but also for the business models to cut down some additional expenses.
  6. The model will last for around 25 years if proper care is taken of it. It would be a great piece of investment for commercial needs.

Find a suitable Air Handling unit manufacturer to fit your commercial needs

Each individual facility or commercial building has its own specific requirements for equipment and automation. It can be a challenging role to fulfil the equipment required which not only does the job but also is efficiently consuming energy. Talking about HVAC designs, there are numerous Air Handling Unit manufacturers in India, and it has never been unchallenging to pick up the components from anywhere. One of the key factors that you may always keep in mind is to constantly assess the offerings from the service providers. Additionally, you may want to check their customer relationships which speaks a lot bout the brand.

Some of the leading Air Handling manufacturers are – Bosch Terotechnology, Allied Commercial, AAON Heating, and cooling products, American standard heating, and air conditioning, Daikin applied, and Symtec airflow system.

Gurugram-based turnkey solution provider Syntec airflow system is the leading Air handler unit manufacturer in India. The brand also extensively deals with the manufacturing, trading, and servicing of clean room equipment, clean room puff partition, Laboratory, and pharma equipment. The products manufactured are – HVAC Units, Duct units, Air washer units, Chiller plants, etc. Additionally, it provides turnkey solutions to healthcare, the medical, device industry, cold rooms, agriculture, etc. From the process of conceptualization of an idea to its manufacturing and sales, there is an entire body of professionals involved who take care that the component/product meets the requirements of the market and customers. To remain the best choice for the populace, Syntec conducts proper research, is technically skilled to convert the research into a solution, and promises top-notch quality products and
services. The whole team is committed to providing a sustainable solution, which has very less impact on the environment. It would not be an exaggeration to state that the Syntec airflow system has the highest customer satisfaction across the country today.

If you are looking for an Air handling unit manufacturer, the Syntec airflow system is the right choice for you. Committed to providing on-time delivery at competitive prices, will match your expectations and fulfil all the commercial needs.

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