whether professionally or personally. Use Holi as an opportunity to bring your team together. Promote friendship among team members with employee engagement activities for Holi, and take some time to relax and avoid burnout. 

Holi is a celebration that delivers a positive feeling of celebratory pleasure, excitement, and fun. Holi is the most brilliant and bright of all the festivals. It brings out the happiest side of your employees and forms warm relationships among your staff. That is why people search for Holi activities ideas to celebrate this event. There are several types of Holi party games. You can use them to make your Holi more enjoyable. Moreover, there are also employee engagement activities for Holi. If you are thinking of celebrating Holi in office, these activities help in engaging your employees. It will enhance the bonds between them. 

So, if you are also looking for these types of Holi activities ideas, keep reading this blog. Here you will find different types of activities for Holi celebration. Okay! Let’s begin.

The Best 9 Employee Engagement Activities For Holi Celebration

As we all know, party celebrations vary from age to age. For kids, the party for them is having snacks and cold drinks. It is different for adults. For them the party is having fun, dancing and enjoying themselves. And if you are celebrating in the office, the aim is to engage the employees. So, we are going to discuss the activities for Holi celebration in different aspects. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Rangeelo Bingo

You already know the Bingo game. But in the Holi celebration, play Bingo with a colour twist. Yes, sounds interesting! Nominate a coworker to be a Dholna, and when his or her number appears, colour their face. (Don’t forget to sing along!)

  • Sustainability Ke Rang

Turn your Holi celebration into an ecologically colourful one to teach your employees about the necessity of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Aside from organic colours, include children in programs such as producing organic soaps, eating healthy, veggie, or diet meals, and putting together sustainable clothing.

  • Holi special Music

Who wouldn’t agree that this lovely celebration would be completed without Holi-themed music? Play all of your favourite party music, old and new, especially the iconic Bollywood Holi tunes, at full volume while shaking a leg with your family and friends, all bathed in vivid colours. Regularly played dhol rhythms may also enhance the dancing masti.

  • Holi Activities Online

There are different virtual Holi activities ideas available for you. Because your first concern during a pandemic is your safety. Celebrate the festival remotely. These activities are also known as employee engagement activities for Holi. As during work from home, there are less chances for employee interactions. These online activities during festivals engage your employees. So, let’s start discussing our Holi activities online.

  • Rang Barse Dance Party

Make a playlist of the most popular Holi songs. Gather your colleagues, and enjoy. At celebrations, getting everyone on the dance floor is challenging, and it may be much more difficult if the dance floor is arranged virtually. Bring in a dancing professional, such as a Zumba teacher or a Bollybeats trainer, and delegate responsibility for ensuring that everyone participates.

  • Potluck for Holi

You can virtually have a meal with your team thanks to the variety of food-delivery apps and services. Keep the concept Holi-centric by sending your employees traditional Holi foods. Likewise, you might ask team members to provide their coworkers with a meal. Sit together and enjoy your food while conversing with your coworkers.

  • Color Prizes

Colors represent a variety of features. Blue, for example, is associated with happiness, yellow with kindness, green with the office queen, red with fire and vigour, and pink with love and friendship. Nominate coworkers who best reflect each character and explain why they are the greatest!


We have discussed the top 9 employee engagement activities for Holi celebration. These activities for Holi celebration in office are ideal. You can also create Holi activities ideas with your own imaginations. The above all are employee engagement activities for Holi. So, you can use the above Holi activities in office.

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