It feels amazing when your employer recognizes all of your efforts and time spent. Isn’t it true? But, the challenge is, how do employers value a remote team? Virtual employee recognition methods are the answer.

Employee engagement has traditionally revolved around expressing gratitude for their successes. After all, you are borrowing their time and knowledge to help you achieve your business objectives. And it is only fair that they get credit for making it happen if they meet or surpass your expectations. So, you can organize virtual rewards and recognition ceremony for your remote employees.

Remote employees find it difficult to make their presence and contributions recognized. When firms fail to prioritize the development of a rewards and recognition system. They risk losing high-performing employees who will leave with their talents. So, that is why there are various ideas of virtual employee appreciation. 

Thus, if you want to know different recognition ideas for remote employees, keep reading this blog. Here you will get the ideas of virtual employee appreciation. We will also discuss the ideas for online rewards and recognition for your remote workers. So, let’s start our discussion.

What is Virtual Appreciation?

Virtual appreciation refers to online events and activities that a company does to honour the achievements of its remote employees. Employees want genuine appreciation from the supervisors to whom they report directly. Surprisingly, 85 percent of workers are happy with a simple “thank you” for their efforts. This small gesture shows how expressing gratitude increases employee engagement and retention.

Employees who work from home benefit from online employee recognition programs. Everyone in the team benefits by showing admiration. It informs them of the requirements for recognition and allows them to develop themselves.

Virtual recognition ideas for remote employees can help avoid situations where managers give employees special privileges or are biased in their reviews of their work. Such as when some employees are passed over for promotions while others are promoted quietly and privately without the rest of the team knowing why.

What Are Online Employee Recognition Programs?

The market for employee recognition is worth $46 billion. In fact, companies that engage in employee appreciation programs have greater profit margins by 22%.

Employees are valued both formally and informally when they are recognized. It motivates people to continually deliver superior work. As a result, the company’s financial results increase. Employee appreciation based on performance motivates employees to keep up the excellent job.

Implementing online employee recognition ideas for remote teams shows employees that management is paying attention to who is skilled and putting in the necessary effort.

Ideas For Virtual Employee Appreciation And Recognition Ceremony

There are several ideas for virtual employee appreciation and remote employee recognition ideas. So, let’s learn the different virtual employee appreciation and recognition ideas from different views. Curious? So, scroll down!

Ideas For Virtual Employee Appreciation

Announcing the events in which you and your workers will be involved. And end your event with a brief statement on how important every employee is to the firm. Here are a few ideas for virtual employee appreciation:

Creating a poster

Create a poster design competition using tools (For example, Canva). The winning design will be used as a prize or reward in future competitions.

Virtual Cook-off

A virtual cookoff helps spice up breakfast or other mealtimes. Set a recipe for the teams to try copying and sampling, or assign a dish to the teams to cook. They may share recipes and instructions with the rest of the team and have someone else try to make it. Such competitions may help your company unite while also allowing them to appreciate a foreign culture or heritage.

Project for Pets

If any of your employees have dogs, encourage them to bring them to work on a remote basis. So they can show them off to their coworkers. Caring for a pet has been found to reduce stress, establish routine, and improve mood.

Remote Employee Recognition Ideas

There are various recognition ideas for remote employees. So, let’s learn some remote employee recognition ideas that will satisfy your employees.

Define the criteria for recognition.

To determine the parameters for quality, structure the rewards and recognition system. It might be about performing job tasks, being creative and taking charge, problem-solving abilities, and the effort and dedication to completing work within deadlines and priorities.

Make a channel for appreciation.

A thankfulness or appreciation channel can be made for all members of a departmental team. To credit everyday efforts and results, you might use a micro recognition system for SMS. This is one of the most important remote employee recognition ideas.

Organize virtual gatherings

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrations in their honour? You may create the party vibe by having everyone dress up and providing snacks and gift vouchers before the real party day. It is also a lot of fun to open items on video and show the other person on the call what the gift was.


Virtual Rewards And Recognition

You can also organize virtual rewards and recognition ceremony to honour the employees who complete their tasks. There are different online rewards and recognition ideas. Let’s discuss;

Personalized Gifts

You may customize staff gifts by including their name and an image. The gifts may include:

  • Planners and Diaries
  • T-shirts, hats, and hoodies.
  • Holders for pens and other workplace accessories
  • Covers for passports
  • Coasters and coffee cups
  • Keychains
  • Cupcakes with personalization (names or images with the frosting)

Pampering package for self-care

What better way to express gratitude than to give someone a self-care kit? You may put together a hamper containing skincare, bath, hair care, and other relevant accessories to help them relax and find their inner peace. Coupons to spas, massages, and retailers like Bath & Body Works might also be included.


So, we have discussed various ideas for virtual employee appreciation and recognition ceremonies. There are a lot of recognition ideas for remote employees, instead of the above. You can use the above ideas for virtual employee appreciation. I hope this blog will be helpful to you.

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