Employee engagement is expected to become one of the most discussed topics among company executives in the next few years. There are lots of online activities and games are available to uplift the employee engagement at the workplace but online tambola games are trending.

Are you aware that highly engaged firms are 20% more productive than non-engaged enterprises? Organizations with high levels of employee engagement are more productive and lucrative. They are more likely to build the skills than businesses with low levels of employee engagement.

Not only that, but because of their high levels of involvement, these business units saw a 20% increase in revenue. To summarise, you must work efficiently to engage your people. But, more importantly, how? How is it possible to engage your employees virtually?

That is why there are some online fun games and activities you can organize virtually to engage your remote employees. It helps your employees to know more about their coworkers as well as it will increase your firm’s productivity. 

So, to engage your employees, online tambola games are quite popular. There are different online tambola ideas that you can organize virtually. With these online tambola activities you can engage your workers and it will create an engaging moment. You can organize this game any time and any day when you feel like engaging your employees. This virtual tambola game is the best way to engage your employees.

So, to play tambola perfectly, you must know about the tambola game.

About Tambola

Tambola is a game based on numbers. Even though it is a highly popular game, it is new to some individuals. The most common question is, “What is Tambola?” or “What is a Tambola game?” The host/organizer (or a participant) selects a number at random and announces the Number/CUE one by one. Players are given numbers printed on cards or tickets. If a player’s card contains the announced number, the player must remove that number from their tickets.

Tambola is popular in parties, Kitty parties, clubs, events, and even at home. In terms of player count, regulations, and awards, it is a versatile game. The number of players might range from three to ten to one hundred to one thousand or even more. The rules and awards depend on the host to make it more enjoyable. Sometimes, players play with one or more cards/tickets at the same time. Tambola night is when you play with your family and friends late at night or after supper.

Online Tambola Activities

To play online tambola games, there are different online tambola ideas. So, read the following online tambola activities to make your virtual tambola game more enjoyable.

The Opening of the Grand Tambola

You can start your event with a classical tambola touch. It is a traditional Indian instrument. It will make your event more beautiful and interesting.

Announcement of Tambola Rules and Prizes

After this, you can announce the rules of the tambola and the prizes for the winner of the game. The regulations of online tambola, as well as any rewards, will be disclosed beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding.

Begin The Great Indian Tambola

During the event, the Tambola Master will call out the numbers live. Each participant will be able to view the numbers as they are selected live. In the online Tambola, there will be ten winning patterns. After a participant wins on one of the patterns, they must complete a task to earn the reward. The task will be assigned by Spin The Wheel.

Spin The Wheel

It is not simple to win this tambola. To get the gift, you must do easy activities that appear on the live Wheel of Fortune. Such as 5 pushups, calling a friend and saying thank you, and so on.

Retro Bollywood Musical Concert

You can also organize a Retro Bollywood Musical Concert in between the virtual tambola game. It will boost up the experience. Let’s enjoy the best night with your team members.

Winners of the Grand Tambola

When the game is finished, you will get your winners. Award the gifts to winners by giving them amazing gifts and prizes.

How Do You Play Tambola Online?

If you are thinking about tambola game online play, that’s great! There are many applications available to play tambola online. Also, there is no online tambola for employees fees. They are affordable. For example, the Tambola Housie game. Housie Game Online is one of the best online tambola ideas. If we talk about other online tambola activities, you can also organize musical housie online as well as musical tambola online based on Bollywood theme. 

So, if we talk about how to play tambola online, the best answer is on zoom. Let’s discuss.

How do you play virtual tambola on zoom?

So, to play online tambola on zoom, follow the below guidelines;

  • Before the event, each team member will get digital tambola tickets.
  • Before the event, they may either have it printed or copy the numbers on a sheet of paper.
  • The Tambola Master will serve as the anchor and emcee for the virtual event.
  • During the event, the Tambola Master will call out the numbers live.
  • Participants will be able to watch the numbers as they are picked in live time.
  • In the online Tambola, there will be ten winning patterns:

Lucky 13

Unlucky 1

Center, Laddu


Bottom Line

Smallest 5

Top Line

Full House



  • Any participant who wins on any of the patterns will be required to complete a task to earn the reward.


So, we have discussed the online tambola games and activities for office employees. These online tambola activities are very enjoyable and bring your employees closer. So, use these online tambola activities to engage your employees. 

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