While it is accepted that participating in charitable activities for the poor and needy during the holidays is important. Similarly, it is also crucial for corporate organizations to organize activities and events that promote employee engagement. So, what is better than the Office Diwali celebration?

However, if you are already looking for the best ideas to celebrate Diwali, this blog will be useful to you. Yes, we understand that, nowadays, organizations are very concerned with the satisfaction of their employees. So, if you want to organize a Diwali event and search for ideas to celebrate Diwali in Office, keep scrolling. You will find the various Diwali celebration ideas that you can use in your event.

7 Creative Ideas To Celebrate Diwali in Office With Your Coworkers

Say No To Crackers

This is one of the best ideas to celebrate Diwali. During the lockdown, the pollution levels were reduced, as we all noticed. Our main priority is the environment, so we must take action to preserve it and stop its depletion. The lockdown showed that there is still time for us to stop the damage to the ecosystem because so many animals from extinction were seen roaming around freely.

As a result, we need to stop burning crackers this year and stop acting so artificial. On Diwali, we can celebrate the arrival of happiness in our lives by playing games with the whole family instead of lighting fireworks.

Make Organic Rangoli

This would be one of the best ideas to celebrate Diwali in office. Making rangoli was meant to provide food for earthly insects and animals. Because of this, the rangoli were originally created using edible materials. Modern rangoli colors have totally changed the situation by introducing synthetic sand colors for rangoli. If you do not want to use edible materials to create rangoli for Diwali, you can also purchase organic rangoli colors that are completely chemical-free and not at all harmful.

Reuse Old Items To Decorate Your Place

Your spending during the Diwali season may actually exceed your budget. However, you can use your old sarees to create eye-catching tablecloths or bed covers as a creative solution to this issue. Old glass bottles can be used as flower vases, old mason jars can be used to build DIY lights, etc.

So, do not buy anything new this time; instead, set a task for yourself to redesign your home’s décor with what you already have. This is also one of the best Diwali celebration ideas.

Use Diyas Not Candles

Instead of candles, use diyas to brighten your place at Diwali. We make this claim because candles burn out and release harmful gases like formaldehyde or benzene into the air. But, diyas are created from natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

Furthermore, Diyas can be reused, unlike candles, which cannot be used again. Also, you can always fill a Diya with oil, add a cotton wick, and spread the light. Additionally, since LED lights use less electricity and are less prone to fuse, you must use them during Diwali to further conserve energy. This would be one of the excellent creative ideas to celebrate Diwali.

Volunteering Activities

Any type of volunteering activity might prove to be a great way for staff members to interact with one another while supporting a charitable organization. It will be a really wonderful and satisfying experience for all the coworkers to work with NGOs and groups like children’s homes, which offer a safe haven for needy youngsters. During the Diwali celebrations, employees can also decide to play with them, teach them, and make them smile. So, this is also one of the good ideas to celebrate Diwali.

Potluck Lunch

Potlucks in the workplace are incredibly simple and enjoyable to plan. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the finest ways to ensure higher employee participation while also having a great time while sharing the food that each employee brings. The cuisines from one another are available for all of the coworkers to enjoy together. Another suggestion to enhance the overall experience is to serve the specialties of various communities’ workforce.

This way, everyone in the office can feel confident that there is a great variety on the menu and that they can all appreciate the various cuisines that they will undoubtedly like. However, this can also be one of the best ideas to celebrate Diwali in office.

Surprise Them With A Flash Mob

Nothing makes workers happier than a surprise dance performance at a usually serious business. So gather a few energetic workers and ask if they can participate in a flash mob. When a group of workers appear out of nowhere and start dancing, the atmosphere can instantly turn from boring to “bright”! And undoubtedly, this is one of the best Diwali celebration ideas.


However, we have discussed various creative ideas to celebrate Diwali. The above-mentioned office Diwali celebration ideas can be easily performed at companies, making them perfect for even last-minute planning. Therefore, take this opportunity to wish your coworkers a happy Diwali and offer them gifts they will love for years to come.

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