Earth day is arriving soon! And you may be wondering about how you can celebrate this day? Then don’t worry! We are here with some best virtual earth day celebration ideas. Let’s take a look at them. 

Remote working provides the opportunity to see the various way in which you can positively impact the earth from the comfort of your homes. So encourage your remote employees with these creative ideas for earth days. 

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Let’s get started.

Best Virtual Earth Day Celebration Activities Ideas

1. Plant A Tree

It is one of the best virtual earth day ideas. Go involved in this tree planting, because this is not just about the planting, but also about getting employees involved in the ecosystem. And planting trees can provide you oxygen, food, a house, and shelter. So, celebrate this earth day virtually with this unique activity. 

2. Analyze Your Footprint

Let’s take a break and analyze your daily footprints. It is the right time. Try to think about what you do for the whole day. Like what you use full day and how much is it used in a day? And make sure to buy only those things that are used on daily basis & recycled. This one is the innovative virtual earth day celebration activity for office. 

3. Terrarium Workshop

If you are looking for creative earth day celebration ideas for office, this one is for you. 

Terrarium means the mini garden in which all types of greenery can plant. It is the best way to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. Also, it is the best funniest way for a virtual earth day celebration. 

4. Make a No-Waste Lunch 

 One of the important things to remember to celebrate earth day is being mindful to your every action. So, try something new this time. Bring your lunch with you instead of relying on fast food. And then see how much trash you save. We recommended you organize a cooking competition where everyone can cook and indulge in those delicious delicacies. This is the best fun employee engagement earth day ideas. 

5. Online Nature Tours

Don’t you want to explore nature this earth day? If yes! then let’s explore it virtually. 

 Explore nature preserves like parks, forests, zoos, gardens, and environmental wonder in the comfort of your home. It is one of the best creative ideas for earth day. 

6. Earth Day Trivia

The purpose of Earth Day is to raise awareness and educate people about environmental issues. Playing online Earth Day Trivia can put your team’s environmental knowledge to the test while also making learning enjoyable.

Participants are first invited to a video call, after which they are divided into teams. To make the process of forming teams easier, assign guests to breakout rooms at random. In the breakout room, teams can collaborate to answer the list of questions within the time limit. You can also summon the groups to the main room and award points to the first team to correctly answer.

7. Word Jumble

Word jumbles are games in which players must decode a series of mixed messages. For Earth Day, we created a nature-themed puzzle.

By displaying the clues and challenging players to rearrange as many words as possible in one minute, you can turn the game into a race. Alternatively, have participants solve the clues in pairs or small groups, with the first team to finish getting a prize.


We have discussed the 7 virtual earth day celebration activities above. Also, we all live on the same planet and have an equal responsibility to protect and preserve it. So, make your eath day celebration unique with these activities ideas. 

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